Penile Enlargement Strategies: Which Ones Work

14 Sep

A lot of men would want to have bigger penises. This will help them increase their self-esteem and will also provide more pleasure to their partners. Most may not be gifted to have the size that they really want. Good thing there are already a lot of ways that can help any man achieve their goals in life.

Here are some of the penile enlargement strategies that are commonly used by many men.


This is the traditional one where a man needs to set aside at least ten minutes of his time daily to exercise his organ for it to be bigger. There are a lot of different exercises to enlarge the penis. Although this strategy comes with no cost, it can sometimes injure the person especially if he performs the exercise wrong. A single mistake can injure the organ and it may take some time for it to recover.


This is a guaranteed one, however it comes with a cost. Undergoing surgeries may be a bit expensive. Plus the fact that one will have to endure the pain of the surgery. Also, the wound may take some time to heal and one may not be able to engage in any sexual activities for a period of time until their organs are completely healed.


There are a lot of pills available to enlarge the penis. However, one needs to make sure that the pills would not have any side effects that may harm the body. Most of these pills cause negative effects to other parts of the body. Also, one needs to make sure that the pills they are taking are legit and approved by doctors or else, it may be bad for their body.


There are a lot of effective and efficient devices that can help enlarge one’s penis. There are penis extenders and stretchers. Although a bit expensive, these devices are guaranteed to give results! Plus no need to undergo painful surgeries or no need to drink any medication, you can easily put on the devices and go on with your regular routine as if you are not wearing anything.

Indeed, there are different strategies to help in penile enlargement. However, the best way is to make sure that none of your other body parts are affected while doing it, or that you do not feel any pain with it. No matter what strategy one prefers, what matters most is that they get the results they want.

What Can Cause Difficulty Urinating?

30 Aug

There’s always a unique feeling to when the body successfully urinates. It gives a sense of relief and satisfaction, being able to release that bladder fullness and tension. However, for some people, urinating can be a difficult experience and bring discomfort and dysfunction to the daily activities.

Experiencing Urinary Hesitancy

Many times, the body can actually experience an uncontrolled bladder. This may happen when there is a sudden burst of emotion or when people get scared from a surprise attack. And these are normal. But when the inability to control one’s urine or difficulty urinating becomes a frequent experience which causes discomfort, the person may be experiencing urinary hesitancy. Women and men can fall victim to this condition. But this is more common in men of the older age.

What Causes Urinary Hesitancy

For men in the older population, urinary hesitancy can be experienced due to benign prostate hyperplasia. In BPH, the male’s prostate enlarges and can give pressure to the urinary bladder. When this happens, only a small amount of urine can be expelled from the body and cause urine retention. This can develop into more serious conditions if not treated immediately.

Both sexes can experience difficulty urinating. Culprits may include pregnancy wherein the bladder is also pressured by the growing bump of the baby. Another factor that can be pointed out for urinary hesitancy is nerve damage and/or damages in the nervous system. This can actually impair the body’s ability to control urine flow from the bladder. Nerve damage can result from many causes such as diabetes, infections in the brain or spine, strokes, multiple sclerosis, and accidents. Surgeries can even take part in the blame for nerve damage. This is because anesthesia that was administered during surgical procedures can actually impair some nerves in the body, including those involved in urinating.

People may not know it but some medicines can actually affect the way urine is expelled from the body. Some medications can cause changes in urinary habits and in turn affect the flow of expulsion of urine. These medications may include anti-allergies, nasal decongestants, stomach-cramps medicines, cold treatment medications, and even anti-depressants.

Although this is a very rare cause, paruresis (or shy bladder) can actually contribute to the inability to control the expulsion of urine. This is characterized by difficulty in and feeling uncomfortable about taking a pee in front of others. Paruresis is psychological in nature and patients usually work with urologists and psychologists for overcoming this condition.

Why Not All Women Want A Man With A Large Penis

20 Jun

You will notice that a lot of men nowadays are conscious when it comes to the size of their penis. They believe that having a smaller penis could not satisfy their partner thus causing them to try various male enhancement products to somehow improve their penis size. Unfortunately, you have to be aware of the possible results that you can get from these products so you can decide whether to try it or not. This can be a very crucial decision because a delicate part of your body is involved.

Do Women Go For Men with a Larger Penis

If you think that all women want a large penis, then you’re wrong. Though this is an important factor that could help you satisfy your partner during sexual intercourse, still not all women prioritize men with a big penis. Women would still look for skills over the size of the penis which means having enough experience in bed is what you have to focus on rather than doing things in stretching your penis that can possibly lead to serious situations.

With studies and research made to know if having a bigger penis really matters, they found out that a lot of women are already satisfied with what their partner’s penis. Women think of other things during sex that could improve the intensity of the moment and not just rely on the size of the penis. They are more excited with what you can do in bed.

It is best for men to thing many times if they really want to have large penis. Of course, improving the size also means using various products and devices that can put your life in danger. Besides, you cannot be assured if you can really get a larger penis with these products so you need to do your research first before you come up with a decision.

Instead of using male enhancement products, it is advisable that you look for other ways on how you can be able to satisfy your girl in bed. You can search for different positions that could spice your moment or ways on how you can excite your girl. You can consider oral sex or foreplay when making love. Make the moment more intimate and not just lost if you want to get the attention of the girl and make it memorable. It only means that men should not focus on having a bigger penis instead they have to do something to improve their skills.

Interstitial Cystitis: Surprisingly-Common Bladder Disease

5 May

Interstitial Cystitis or IC is a kind of chronic pain which affects the bladder. IC is also referred to as BPS or Bladder Pain Syndrome. The pain scale for IC can range from mild or usual discomfort to severe pain. The bladder plays an important role in the body wherein it stores urine which is produced by the kidneys. Once it reaches its full capacity, the bladder will then expand which is a signal in the brain signifying that the person has to pee.

In the case of interstitial cystitis, a person will get the signals mixed up wherein they would have the urge to urinate more often than the normal but only in smaller volumes. This type of bladder condition is more prevalent in women and can unfortunately create an impact on the quality of life.

What are the Symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis?

The signs and symptoms do vary depending on the person and if you do have the condition, then there are instances wherein the symptoms would flare periodically as a response to triggers like sexual activity, stress, menstruation or exercise. The common signs and symptoms of IC are the following:

  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Discomfort and pain when urinating
  • Frequent urination
  • Pain in between the anus and scrotum
  • Pain in the pelvis or in between the anus and vagina
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Urgent and persistent need to urinate

The severity of the symptoms of interstitial cystitis varies since there are some people that may not experience any of the common signs. The signs and symptoms of IC may be quite similar to chronic UTI or urinary tract infection which can be really confusing. So if you are in doubt and you want to get a proper assessment and diagnosis, then you need to see your doctor right away.

What are the Possible Causes of IC?

The definitive cause of IC is still undetermined but there are several contributing factors. Studies have shown that some people who have IC have a defect in the epithelium or protective lining of their bladder.  Toxic substances may irritate the bladder wall when there is a leak in the protective lining. Other possible factors that have yet to be proven are allergies, autoimmune reaction, heredity or infection.

What are the Complications of IC?

  • Emotional distress
  • Lower quality of life
  • Reduced capacity of the bladder
  • Sexual intimacy and satisfaction problems

The Vitamins That Can Help Your Sexual Performance

27 Apr

Sex is supposed to be pleasurable. It comes naturally and is a physical response that why it is called animal instinct. And your animal instincts may be crippled if you are experiencing sexual performance anxiety. This occurs when a person is under stress and stressors could come from many different places like:

  • Self-Esteem. Your perception of your body image affects performance greatly. When a person feels like he is not the performer he is due to issues with how he looks, this can ruin the experience before the sex even starts.
  • Relationship issues can affect the mood and instead of thinking of the sheer pleasure of it all, you are thinking of ways to make your relationship work.
  • Part of body image is thinking so much about your penis and how it may not be enough.
  • Worrying about premature ejaculation and achieving orgasm for both partners can cause stress but thinking about it before you even do the deed isn’t exactly how foreplay should be.

These things affect the way the body responds. A troubled mind can give out stress signals to the body making it unable to perform during sex.  It is hard to get aroused when you are thinking about so many things or over-analyzing things that aren’t there yet.  Stress causes a narrowing of blood vessels that weakens the flow of blood in your body thus erection becomes problematic.

Solving the Problem

There are many things that you can do to alleviate the stress that causes poor sexual performance. Part of the first few steps is talking to your partner about these stressors. Both of you can work out most of the issues and find that acceptance is the key. If this occurs more often, talking to a psychologist or a medical professional is helpful as they can prescribe medicines to ease the blues. Using devices is another option – they are non-invasive, affordable and accessible online with so many to choose from.

Better with vitamins for sexual performance

With the choices mentioned above, do not forget that everything starts with your body so it should be natural to take care of it and get the right combination of vitamins for sexual performance together with a proper diet.  Put the sizzle in love life back with these vitamins.

  • Vitamin A – vital to sperm production in men
  • Vitamin B3 – necessary for metabolism
  • Vitamin B6 – enhances libido
  • Vitamin B12 – increases your sex drive
  • Vitamin C – it helps in getting you excited
  • Vitamin E – increases blood flow

Those are just a few of them. Other essentials include minerals, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. They can boost your performance and help with your overall well-being. Like many supplements, talk to your doctor before deciding on which vitamins for sexual performance you are supposed to get.